Update: The Unity of Suffering and Healing in Union with Christ

My six-part series (at the moment 5-part) published through Medium is being edited and will be published here on my main blog—ideally in a few months. In the meantime, however, I thought it would be fitting to provide links to all of the published stories for completeness' sake.

  1. Suffering and the Promise
  2. Suffering and the Promise II: Come and See What God Has Done
  3. Suffering and the Promise III: You Have Given Me a Story
  4. Healing and the Promise: Prolegomena (A Critical Introduction to My Everyday)
  5. Healing and the Promise II: Where Healing Meets Suffering

There have been some monumental shifts, developments, transformations, etc., in my life since January 1, and I'm excited to share some of those with you. The sixth and final installation of this series will be quite long and will integrate some central theological themes about which I've been thinking.

The main thrust of this last article will be tying in the ideas of hopefulness, the Love of God, the covenantal promise of Jesus Christ to be toward the world, etc. with suffering and healing as avenues through which Union with Christ is deepened and extended. The flavor of the thought will be, unsurprisingly, decidedly sacramental, incarnational, and cruciform. 

Some details...

Many of the themes about which I've been thinking include Bonhoeffer and Karl Barth's theologies of time, some very crude reflections on the Hegel-Lacan-Žižek nexus and how aspects of post-Christian/post-liberal/postmodern thought applies to Christianity [cf. this talk; this article; this book], along with Hegel's (after Fichte) thoughts on the metaphysics of absolute negativity [cf. Žižek's somewhat recent book Disparities, his text on Antigone, and most importantly this amazing book by Brady Bowman]. Included in this mess will be some armchair theologizing on a synthesis between Oxtoby and McLaren vis-à-vis a Reformed sacramentology—and (believe it or not) I will tie these concepts to suffering, healing, and God's covenant promises to the children of God.